In researching the purchase of your new tungsten carbide ring, you would easily come across characteristics of the tungsten ring as selling points such as durability and scratch-resistance. However, there is much more to tungsten in terms of how metals made from tungsten find themselves in many other things we would not normally think of that are parts of our hobbies even.

Tungsten Golf Club

For example, you could be surprised to know that the same characteristics which make tungsten such a great part of the jewelry industry, also make it a very useful element in some sports equipment. The reason being that the tungsten alloys are very strong, dense, and extremely resistant to wear. In the golf industry, golfers need clubs to be light, but strong and heavy. If they are too heavy, it will be too difficult to get a clean, fluid swing. For those reasons, many club heads use tungsten alloys to provide that necessary strength and durability without adding unnecessary weight.

The weight and strength of a golf club help golfers hit the ball hundreds of yards with their irons. Well, some hit the ball that far, others may be content in advancing the ball. Either way, if you are more advanced or a novice, the presence of tungsten in some clubs, such as irons does add to your enjoyment (or frustration) with the game. The way this is achieved is that the clubheads will contain tungsten alloy spheres set in a dense metal. The spheres work to lower the center of gravity of the iron, which in turn helps (in theory) the golfer hit the ball better.

While golf is just one of the ways tungsten alloys can be found in sports equipment or hobbies, tungsten based products can also be found in bars throughout the world. Before you start trying to drink your ring thinking tungsten has alcoholic qualities, it’s important to know that tungsten alloys are found in dart tips. Many darts contain alloys that combine tungsten with alloy and nickel. Tungsten gives the dart weight without taking up much space. This allows the dart tip to be made slimmer. Which, if you are good at darts, makes it easier to group darts closer on the keyboard.

While the presence of tungsten alone in your golf clubs or in your darts will not lead to personal success in either, its presence does add to your ability to do better. The rest is up to your particular skill set.