Tungsten Rings Information

Behind the beauty of every tungsten ring design lies the resilience of tungsten metal that guarantees your ring will be exquisite today, tomorrow and forever. This robust metal combined with other elements is highly scratch resistant and with proper care will hold its shape and shine for years to come making it the perfect metal for important jewelry. Through a complex process, this metal is alloyed with a nickel binder of superior grade to create a stunning ring with longevity. Your ring will be a beautiful shining reminder of that wonderful day for all your anniversaries to come.

Why Tungsten Carbide?

This durable metal is becoming the ring of choice for newlyweds everywhere. Its affordability coupled with its prepossessing designs and unmatched durability surpasses other metals in overall performance. Silver, gold, platinum or palladium tend to scratch, dent and bend easily. Normal 9 to 5 wear and tear shows up over time. Not so with tungsten wedding bands. This dense metal holds its shine and allure like no other metal. It will not bend and will withstand daily abrasion. Add to this our Lifetime Replacement policy along with our Lifetime Sizing policy and you can rest assured that you made the right choice. If in the highly unlikely event a scratch does occur, we will be happy to polish or replace your ring, keeping your symbol of promise and devotion as perfect as it was on your wedding day.

Facts About Tungsten:

The word 'tungsten' derives from 'tung' and 'sten', Swedish words meaning heavy stone.
Chemical Symbol: W
Atomic Number: 74
Density: 11.1 ounces per cubic inch (19.25 g/cm)
Isotopes: Five Natural Isotopes ( around twenty-one artificial isotopes)

The Manufacturing Process

Using a process called sintering, the tungsten powder is coalesced into a solid mass and compressed through intense heating. The tungsten powder is tightly packed into the ring press then heated at 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit (1,200 degrees Celsius). The intense heat and tight compression prepares the ring for sintering. Electric current is directly passed through each ring, slowly bringing up the heat within the ring to 5,600 degrees Fahrenheit (3,100 degrees Celsius). This in turns shrinks and compacts the powder in the ring press, making it ready for the shaping and polishing.

Using the finest diamond tools, the rings are shaped and inlays added. Channels cut by the diamond tools in the center of the rings allow for design elements such as silver, gold, palladium, platinum or mokume gane inlays to be placed in the ring. This is done under high pressure and then the ring is re-polished to combine all the elements into one flawless beautiful ring. This incredible process insures a perfectly executed ring for you and yours.

Tungsten Rings Vs Tungsten Carbide Rings?

While pure tungsten rings do exist in the jewelry world, they lack the durability and scratch resistance that come from the unique combination that creates tungsten carbide. Such sturdiness insures a beautiful shine and long wearing ring that can go the distance of daily wear in all settings. And with our lifetime warranty that comes with each of our rings, peace of mind is always there.

Do your tungsten rings contain cobalt?

In order to maintain a high caliber, well crafted ring, no cobalt is used in the manufacturing of our rings. Other ring manufacturers do in fact use the cheaper alloy cobalt in their ring productions. We do not. Cobalt can react with the body's natural chemicals and will eventually tarnish, lose its luster and stain your finger. Our tungsten carbide with no cobalt offers a matchless quality that will not fade over time.

Caring for your Tungsten Ring

With just a few simple steps your ring will remain a life long treasure.

1. The resilience of tungsten carbide is amazing. Given enough direct force with a hammer for example or throwing it on a hard surface, your ring may shatter. Avoid high direct pressure.

2. Just simple gentle soap and water will keep your ring sparkling. Stronger chemicals such as bleach , chlorine or ammonia may cause spotting.

3. For caked in dirt, tungsten carbide rings can be soaked for a half an hour to an hour to remove the dirt. Dry on soft tissue or towel to restore finish.

Emergency Removal

Tungsten rings are known for their strength and durability. If an emergency arises that calls for the removal of your ring, standard cutting devices will not be effective. A vice grip will prove most successful in removing your ring. Place the ring and finger into the vice grip and tighten just until you hear a cracking noise. Now slowly give the ring a  quarter turn, carefully sliding it up. Repeat the steps until the ring has come loose. Extra caution should be taken not to slide the cracked ring up and down the finger. This action should take about 30 seconds so don't rush the process. If however your tungsten ring has a precious metal inlay as a band, normal ring removal methods are allowable. Emergency personnel are equipped and trained to properly remove rings.