Customer Testimonials
Testimonial by Samantha Lu
Subject: He won't stop taking pics of his wedding band!

I was a bit apprehensive about buying a wedding ring online. Making a purchase without ever seeing the ring leaves lots to the imagination. I heard great things about Tungsten Rings Center from friends and my brother bought his band here too. After a long discussion and sharing different links to my fiancé we decided on this ring. It is simply amazing. I love the way it looks on him and he sends me and his friends pictures of it all day long. I highly recommend this place.

Testimonial by Sabrina Friend
Subject: He loves this band!

This wedding ring is perfect. It catches the eye just right. You can see the great detail they put into making this ring. I didn’t really have any problems with buying a wedding ring online and I heard great things about Tungsten rings center.

Testimonial by Tammy Flecther
Subject: Tungsten ring center marriage.

We went to different stores to try on different rings but the quality just wasn't there. We decided to try tungsten rings center because the prices were amazing. It came in the mail and when I tried it on, I could feel a difference. It was just spectacular! The shimmer and reflections were perfect. My fiancé liked my ring so much she decided to get her ring here too. We are not a tungsten rings center marriage.

Testimonial by Valery Brown
Subject: So much better than the mall

We went to the mall first. That was a waste of time. Tungsten Center has the best jewelry that we had seen from all of our visits to other stores. I am just so blown away at the quality and price, I am going to exclusively buy only from here.

Testimonial by Sue Avila
Subject: Simply the best!

I've been married for over 20 years now, so when we decided to replace our wedding rings with new bands, I decided to choose tungsten rings center. The tungsten information on the site was very informative. It told me everything I needed to know and I started looking around for a wedding ring. I chose the Monticello ring with the wood inlay to get a really neat looking ring. I was completely astounded at how cool the ring looks. On a scale from 1 - 10, this is a 20! I've never seen a ring this neat before. I am completely happy with the price, the ring and the total experience.

Testimonial by Andre Brooks from Hannibal, MO
Subject: The ring was fantastic!

The wedding band and the price both exceeded my expectations! Picking out the ring online was a complete pleasure. The website was extremely informative. I normally don't buy things online but I had heard some many positive reviews from others and now I know. This was the right choice and I will recommend you guys to everyone!

Testimonial by Lee Reilly from Huntly, IL
Subject: Exactly what I was looking for!

I wanted a wedding band that wasn't flashy and it had to be tasteful. I also wanted a durable metal that was highly scratch resistant and affordable. I fiancée was worried the ring may look cheap, but she was wrong. We both love my wedding band and it fits all of her requirements for me. We also bought a ring for her and both times, the wedding bands were perfect!

Testimonial by Danny McCullum from Maple Grove, MN
Subject: I am just so happy

The ring fits perfectly. It's a little darker than my wife's white gold band but it works great. I work in construction so I put a lot of wear and tear on it but not a single scratch yet.

Testimonial by Heather Cowles
Subject: Tungsten Rings Center is the way to go!

You will love your ring when you purchase it from Tungsten Rings Center. Read a little about what tungsten is, I wasn't sure at first. Find the style you like and go for it. My wife and I liked the style so much, we decided to buy a pair together that matches.

Testimonial by Denise Fink
Subject: This wedding band is unbelievable!

High quality tungsten with just the right color. The price was so much better than any other place online or locally. Although, nobody had as many different styles of rings in tungsten like you do. Ultimately, I trust Tungsten Rings Center and I have firsthand experience with other jewelry stores to know that Tungsten Rings Center cannot be beat. I strongly believe this is the best place to buy a wedding band. I have been burned in the past by other stores so if I ever need to buy another ring, I will make Tungsten Rings Center my number one choice.